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Sound settings with Uniti Atom

The Vestia loudspeakers have been tuned with Naim’s Uniti Atom. They link with it perfectly.

Home Cinema

Think about complementary products for your Home Cinema setup.

Run-in the loudspeakers

The speaker drivers used in the Vestia loudspeakers are complex mechanical components that require a running-in period (20 consecutive hours) to operate at their best.

Time Alignment

The inclination of your loudspeaker is completely natural, it allows the Time Alignment of each of the loudspeakers.


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No products

Do not use abrasive or corrosive products to clean the loudspeakers.

Protecting the speaker drivers & Tweeter

The speaker drivers and tweeter are made from fragile components, so we advise fitting the grilles onto the loudspeakers after use.


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Place the loudspeakers symmetrically opposite the listening area, so that all three points form an equilateral triangle.

Loudspeaker height

Make sure you place the loudspeakers on the same horizontal plane. Ideally, the tweeter will be placed level with the listener's ears at the usual listening point.

What to avoid ?

Do not place the loudspeakers too close to the walls or to a corner of the room to prevent any artificial increase in the bass level caused by potential resonance

Theva N°3-D

Theva N°3-D is positioned similarly to the other loudspeakers. However, make sure your room has a standard ceiling height, so that the spatialised sounds reach the listening area.

Improving your room’s acoustics

To reduce a room’s resonance, lay a rug in front of the loudspeakers, position furniture or shelves on empty walls, and install curtains at the windows.