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Active Noise Cancelling Only

If you want to use the ANC without listening to music, we advise you to be on the DAC position.

Listening in Bluetooth mode

For a better listening quality with Bluetooth, we advise you to listen to music with the available codecs such as AAC for iOS and aptX™ adaptive for Android.

USB-DAC mode

If you want the optimal listening experience, use the USB DAC mode which allows you to have a resolution up to 24 bits 192 kHz.


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Burn in

To offer the best of its performances, your headphones need a burn in period (between 40h et 72h of use).

Autonomy optimisation

If you want to extend the battery at its maximum, you can swich off the logo LEDs through the app

Battery optimisation

If you don’t use your headphones for a long period, we advise you to charge it at its maximum before storing it.


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Home EQ

If you listen to music in a quiet environment and you want to benefit from a more neutral sound signature, we advise you to use the Home EQ via the app.

Loudness EQ

If you listen to music in a noisy environment or at low volume level, we advise you to use the Loudness EQ via the app.